Should Virginia Small Business Law, PLLC or Legalzoom form my LLC?


Question: People often ask me "why should I hire VSBL to form my Virginia limited liability company rather than Legalzoom?"


Answer: You should hire me, VA LLC attorney Justin Griffin, to form your Virginia LLC instead of Legalzoom for the following major reasons:

   - I am cheaper for comparable services - $158.59 cheaper as of 2/27/2017 or $318.64 cheaper if you want LLC to match my 1 week turn-around time (see the table below).

   - I am a Virginia attorney who has worked with over 100 Virginia small businesses. 

   -  Unlike LegalZoom I don’t require people who hire me to agree to be legally bound to the terms and conditions of six lengthy legal agreements.  LegalZoom requires its LLC customers to agree to 56 pages of legalese contained in the following six contracts:  (i) Terms of Use (13 pages), (ii) Terms of Service (10 pages), (iii) Supplemental Terms of Service for Corporate Center (7 pages) (iv) Supplemental Terms of Service for Advantage Subscriptions (8 pages), (v) Legal Plan Contract (7 pages), and (vi) Privacy Policy (7 pages).  I cannot believe the extent of these agreements. Nobody should have to agree to all of these terms to form their business. 

   - I am an attorney and do not make my clients agree to disclaimers like the one below found in Legalzoom's Terms of Service Agreement“:

I understand and agree that LegalZoom is not a law firm or an attorney, may not perform services performed by an attorney, and its forms or templates are not a substitute for the advice or services of an attorney. Rather, I am representing myself in this legal matter.”

Why hire a company that says it is not a substitute for services of an attorney when you can have an attorney for less money? 

   - "Did you know that 80% of people who fill in blank forms to create legal documents do so incorrectly?" - Legalzoom


   - I will answer your LLC questions for free. Just call 804-505-0089.


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LLC Formation Service Virginia Small Business Law Legalzoom
LLC Formation Package as of 2/27/17 $500 Single Member Formation Standard $289
Extra Fee for 1 week turnaround included $170
Registered agent services for the first year included $159
Obtain LLC's federal tax ID (EIN) included $79
Virginia Tax Registration included $49
Business License Forms included $74.99
Shipping included $9.95 (included with expedited package)
Additional Cost to Use Legalzoom   $158.59 (or $318.64 to match VSBL turnaround time)



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