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Starting a business is complicated and time consuming. You need a local partner to help.
I will help you protect your business name and logo.


You spend a lot of time building a brand. You pour your life into growing your business, so you should protect the name you have made for yourself. If you don't someone could start using a similar name, forcing you to prove that you have rights to the name.

VSBL was started by Justin Griffin, a lawyer who understands the amount of work that goes into starting a small business. He also has seen the many speed-bumps that can happen when trying to protect your name. Justin has filed for many trademarks, responded and sent cease and desist letters, responded to trademark office concerns and rejections, and even represented business owners who have had their name opposed by others. Having an experienced trademark attorney on your side can help you navigate the sometimes tough trademark process. 

Get your trademark application submitted quickly and correctly, so you can establish your brand with peace of mind. 


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