It's Time to Have Your Own Legal Counsel

You take care of the community, VSBL will take care of you.

Non-profits are faced with legal questions on a daily basis. The constant worry of whether or not certain activities will cause you to lose your 501(c)(3) status will keep you up at night. Non-profits have an even greater need for legal advice than their for-profit counterparts because of the unique ways in which the law treats non-profits. Your non-profit may know somebody who is an attorney, but she does not practice in non-profit law. Your non-profit may have a pro-bono deal with one of the large firms in downtown Richmond, but you can never get in touch with them and it takes months to get anything done. 

At VSBL you will always be our top priority. The work you do is important to the community, and you are important to VSBL. Get your own general counsel today, and stop waiting on lawyers before moving forward.


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