Available, Predictable, Customer Focused

The most common complaints about lawyers are that they are impossible to get in touch with, the rates are expensive and unpredictable, and they aren't interested in your real needs. Virginia Small Business Law, PLLC strives to break the mold. 


Available: More like a partner than a lawyer...

Communication is key. I think the most important thing is to have an on-going relationship. As a lawyer I gain important insight into your goals and strategy, while as the customer you get consistent, trustworthy legal advice. The goal is to seem like just another member of your team. I try my best to keep you informed and help you incorporate useful legal advice into your business strategy. One tool I utilize to facilitate a collaborative atmosphere is the project management software Basecamp. Through this tool you can watch the progress of any project, upload and download files, and communicate with me. No more digging through emails, voice mails, or stacks of papers. With this tool, I am available, you are constantly updated on progress, and everything is completely transparent. A new approach to legal services is long overdue; it starts with redefining the relationship between the lawyer and the customer.


Predictable: Never a surprise bill in the mail...

Virginia Small Business Law is a small business, so I understand the budgeting needs of small businesses. Astronomical, unpredictable legal fees can be a burden on your operations. Additionally, it can be a barrier to getting quality, effective legal advice. Have you ever had a legal question, but chose not to consult your attorney because you were afraid your simple question would result in paying for several hours of research and memo writing? Have you ever called your attorney and tried your best to keep your call under 6 minutes?

I do not use an hourly rate because the goal is to help you succeed. When you sign up for one of the VSBL packages you will know exactly how much your legal fees are going to be, and you never again have to worry about asking for advice. Let's have our conversations be about your next step towards success, not about why you were charged so much.


Customer Focused: Someone who cares about your business almost as much as you do...

I choose to use the term customers instead of clients. I am here to serve you. In your small business you must be customer focused, why should the practice of law be any different? That is why you will never see a person's name in the name of this law firm. Virginia Small Business Law is about Virginia Small Businesses, not glorifying the attorney. I will always get up and give you everything I've got, that is my promise.


I am excited and driven by the idea of solving the problems of business owners. The idea of helping someone take a dream for a business and make it a reality is something I long to do. I have traveled all across Virginia and have had the opportunity to hear from small business owners first-hand regarding their frustration and confusion in attempting to comply with the law. My desire to serve as a small business attorney stems from these conversations. It is rare to have the opportunity to work in a profession that helps make dreams become realities.

              -Justin Griffin


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